Church Appeal and Donations


The Society of the Church of the Holy Name, Pavitra Naam Develaya,4 Gurwar Peth, Pune for over 132 years. It is rightly proud of its history. The challenge now is to ensure this legacy continues for generations to come. Those who have gone before us have given us a wonderful gift of a beautiful Church. It falls to us now to preserve this sanctuary for those who will follow in our footsteps. Our Church is the place of worship. The church plays an important role in the life of the town centre of Pune, Maharashtra, India. It has been an iconic landmark in Pune, Maharashtra, India since 1885. The current church has been unaltered for over 132 years and is a place of immense historical, religious and community significance.


Because of its age of 132 years it is in continual need of repair and maintenance to preserve its heritage. We have made steady progress in repairing the external and internal portion of the church and securing the integrity of the building. Since our Appeal was launched in April 2015 we have raised money to mainly restore the Church Bell tower. Amongst many achievements we have completed major two side work to make the Church roof structurally sound and waterproof. Having secured the integrity of the roof we then repaired and strengthened the fine wooden ceiling of the both the side by anti termite treatment and wood touch polishing from inside. We undertook some re-decoration work at the same time to pillars ends and broken edges. The Church has some fine glass windows including some very unusual we have almost changed the window broken glass. Your support will help us to ensure The Church of the Holy Name House of worship continues for years to come.


To Date we have completed the following:

Repairs to Church tower roof with G.I. Sheets.

Repairs to Church roof with steel Tata sheets of both sides of church and also with new roof tiles.

Repairs to the old photo frames and preserving old paintings.

Repairs to Church Organ.

Repairs to some of the rotten wooden windows.

Resurfacing of high quality blocks in church compound.

Plastering of Parish Hall and Painting work.

Internet, face book, website facility for church members.

Plastering of Parish Hall and Painting work.

Church and its premises covered under C.C.T.V. cameras.

New Alter Cloths and Priest Chasubles.

Repairs and Painting Church Parsonage.


What Needs To Be Done?

The following work needs to be undertaken immediately

Work to be done for Inter and External of Church Building


Luster Paint for inside walls of church.

Oil Paint to all Doors and Windows, Pure Golden Paint Layer at the end of the pillar's Design cranes and edges.

Repairs to benches and Polishing work of all wooden Furniture.

Steps to be taken to replace the Sahabaddi Stone tiles by Marble tiles.

To protect the building from further external brick damage by silicon layer.

Repairing to Wooden roof flanks by anti-termite treatment. Replacing of Plaster of Paris to cranes in

  Church ceiling portion.

Luster Paint for inside walls of church.

Polishing to all Church furniture by wood touch polish.

Repairs to Church Main Alter for Alabaster stone fillings.

Polishing ad repairs to metal church equipments.

New Electrical wiring work and sound system cabling work.



Work to be done for Church Bell Tower.


Repairs to Tower wooden gallery.

Repairs to wooden floor of tower floor.

Repairs to Bell ringing wheels to make it rotate.

Installation of a new automatic mechanism to control the bell ringing System in bell tower.

Repairs to wooden windows and side flanks of tower roof on the Tower.

Installation of a new four clocks in bells Tower.

Repairs to and re-gilding of the weather vane, globe and cardinal points on the Tower.

Erecting an information plaque in the Church grounds detailing the History of the Church.


Needs of Priest Vestments


Cope, Dalmatic, Humeral Veil, Roman Fiddle, Chasubles, Stole, Robe, Collars, Maniple, and Ropes. Services Boys Vestments in colours needed as per our church requirements.


Needs in Church Graveyard


Cement Roads, Drinking water Tank, Toilets, Water Borewell, Parapet wall, inside cemetery and compound wall.


How You Can Help Our Church


Our Church needs your help to restore and maintain its historic Church building. Assistance can be provided in a number of forms, including by


Making a personal donation Online or by cash.

Organising a fundraising event.

Making a Corporate donation.

Helping with advertising and fundraising costs.

Sponsoring a specific section of work on the building.

Making a Bequest to the Restoration Appeal.


For further information or to make a donation, please contact


The Society of the Church of the Holy Name

Pavitra Naam Develaya

4, Gurwar Peth, Panch Howd, Pune 411042

Maharashtra, India

Telephone (020) 24444667